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We believe people should get justice

We hate the idea that you could be unwittingly manipulated by an organisation that puts its own interests first. This could be an employer, an insurance company, a local authority or even another law firm.

We know the truth is that there are people like you, who are genuinely injured and deserve some recompense, despite the law making it more difficult for you as each new layer of legislation is passed.

Keith Hayward, Managing Director, explains “When we formed Hayward Baker, we wanted to develop a specialist Firm that was able to respond quickly to the rapidly changing personal injury environment. Although it is often perceived, largely due to the media reporting of the so-called “compensation culture”, that it is now much easier to bring a personal injury claim, this is not the case. Many of the laws that govern our work have been around for decades, notably the law of negligence that was established in 1931. Only really the workplace has seen a significant change in legislation in recent years aimed at safeguarding the workforce. What has changed is people’s awareness of their right to bring a claim if they are the victim of an accident caused by the fault of another. However, establishing that fault remains the challenge and what our team of lawyers are dedicated to”.

Here at Hayward Baker, we are leading technologically in the way that PI claims are streamlined. We have successfully built a super-system making travel delay claims really easy for the public, and we are using the same technology to start streamlining the more complex claims such as personal injury claims.

Our desire to help you with smaller injury claims is countered by government legislation. The amount of costs we can recover for the amount of work we do for you, has gone down and the fees are fixed. This means we can’t invest as much time in a smaller case as we would have done in the past – but fear not…
As things stand, we will take on your case if we possibly can. We are saving time by streamlining the administration, and soon we will be helping you to do the simple paperwork on line. This means (much as we would like to spend our time talking to you as we have in the past), we spend our time legally fighting your corner and winning you compensation.

The more serious claims are not restricted by fixed fees, and so we are still able to spend the time it takes to win these, so if you or a member of your family or friends is unfortunate enough to have suffered a serious injury, then we believe we can win them maximum compensation and support.

Our Story

From humble beginnings working from home, the Firm has grown into well known Personal Injury specialists in the Southampton and Portsmouth areas.

Having initially taken a small office in Waterlooville in 2001, the Firm quickly outgrew this and moved to an office at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth. Trevor says “I think it is fair to say when we were at Gunwharf Quays it was still very much work in progress and not the magnificent complex it is today. During our time there we witnessed the building and opening of the Spinnaker Tower, together with the building and opening of further retail premises and housing”.

Despite moving to a larger office at Gunwharf Quays during their stay, the Firm were on the move again in 2006 when they moved to High Street, Fareham, followed by Fareham Point and now Wates House also situated in Fareham.

Fareham provides us with a strong base to serve the whole Solent area and beyond. Although we have a national client base, one of our aims has always been to raise our profile in the Southampton and Portsmouth areas and make sure we are the first port of call locally for those unlucky enough to suffer injury as a result of an accident.

In recent years we have evolved a Delayed Flight Claims Department and also deal with a number of Professional Negligence cases.

We offer a number of other legal services apart from Personal Injury  claims and have legal experts in the following areas:

You can find out more about us and the work we do from the following links:

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