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portsmouth-solicitorsFrom humble beginnings working from home, Hayward Baker Solicitors has grown into a well respected Personal Injury specialists.

Keith Hayward, Managing Director, explains “we wanted to develop a specialist Firm that was able to respond quickly to the rapidly changing personal injury environment. Although it is often perceived, largely due to the media reporting of the so-called “compensation culture”, that it is now much easier to bring a personal injury claim, this is not the case. Many of the laws that govern our work have been around for decades, notably the law of negligence that was established in 1931. Only really the workplace has seen a significant change in legislation in recent years aimed at safeguarding the workforce. What has changed is people’s awareness of their right to bring a claim if they are the victim of an accident caused by the fault of another. However, establishing that fault remains the challenge and what our team of lawyers are dedicated to”.

We offer a number of other legal  services apart from Personal Injury Claims and have expert lawyers working in the following areas:

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