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High Street fall for Client due to poor maintenance works leaving raised paving slabs

Our client recovered compensation exceeding £4,700 for her personal injuries and financial losses after a fall on a pavement in Shirley, Southampton, Hampshire. As our client was walking along the High Street, she tripped and fell on a raised paving slab. It was clear some restoration work had recently been carried out in the area […]

Careless Driver opens car door into path of cyclist causing painful injuries

Our client was riding her bicycle in Worthing, West Sussex. Unfortunately, a careless driver parked by the side of the road opened the driver’s door into her path as she passed causing a collision and for her to fall from her bike. There was no dispute over blame as the driver was clearly negligent in […]

Brexit and the impact on passenger rights in the UK

For nearly two decades passengers in Europe have enjoyed protections bestowed by the European Union in the form of EU Regulation 261/2004. Unhappy with the high incidents of cancellations and delays across the continent, and the subsequent poor treatment of passengers by airlines often leading to passengers having to fend for themselves, the EU sought […]

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