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British Airways fails to prove it could not have rerouted passengers onto quicker flights

District Judge Atkin sitting at the County Court at Uxbridge has awarded passengers compensation after BA failed to reroute passengers onto an earlier flight. In Muetze, Heggerman, and Siemens v British Airways the Claimants were passengers on two directly connecting flights from Shanghai to Hamburg via London Heathrow. The first flight was delayed by 16 […]

European Court of Justice rules that union led strikes do not provide a Defence to flight compensation claims

The European Court of Justice has recently paved the way for tens of thousands more compensation claims to be made under EU regulation 261/2004. In Case C-28/20, Airhelp Ltd v Scandinavian Airlines System the ECJ has ruled that airlines still have to compensate passengers whose flights are cancelled or delayed by more than 3 hours […]

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