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Self-employed cleaner claims over £5,000 in compensation after falling down a set of steps whilst at work

Our client who is a self employed cleaner was at a dental practice where he cleans. As he was taking out the rubbish from the dental practice to the bin store he slipped and fell due to the defective steps leading to the bins. As a result he suffered personal injury. Our Client’s Injuries: Twisting […]

Lady hit by car in her own garden after a car crashed through the fence suffers personal injury

Our client was a in her garden when the defendant whilst reversing her car crashed through the fence and knocked over. As a result of the collision our client suffered personal injury and loss. Our client’s injuries Injury to neck, back and right hand side of body. Accident exacerbated a previous injury to neck and back. Shocked and shaken. […]

Lady passenger suffers personal injury when a motorbike crashed into her car door

Our client was a passenger in her husbands vehicle. The vehicle was entering a roundabout  when the Defendant’s vehicle a motorbike hit the passenger side of our client’s vehicle. As a result of the collision our client suffered personal injury and loss. Our client’s injuries Pain from neck and right shoulder. Injury to right knee. Pain in lower back. How […]

Passenger in friends car suffers injuries after road traffic collision

Our client was a passenger in her friends vehicle. The vehicle was stationary when the Defendant’s vehicle suddenly shunted into the back of the Claimants vehicle, causing the Claimant’s vehicle to collide with the rear of the stationary vehicle in front. As a result of the collision our client suffered personal injury and loss. Our client’s injuries 2 […]

Retired lady receives over £26,000 in damages after tripping on defective pavement

Our client was walking along a pedestrian path in Guildford when she tripped and fell over a broken/cut bollard sticking out of the path . Our Client’s Injuries Post concussion syndrome, facial lacerations and swelling, dislodged tooth causing a lip laceration, abrasions and swelling to right knee and headaches. What did Hayward Baker do to help We […]

Delivery driver receives over £30,000 for injuries caused by being struck by a fork lift truck

Our client works for courier company  and at the time of the accident the Claimant was attending the premises of  the defendant. The Claimant was standing next to his vehicle (a lorry) and was closing the side curtain having just loaded the vehicle when, suddenly and without warning, a fork lift truck drove into the Claimant, […]

Cyclist injured in a road traffic collision received over £6000.00 in compensation for his injuries and loss

On the day of the accident our client was riding his bicycle along a road in Leatherhead. The Defendant, driving a car drove out of a side street failed to stop and give-way to the Claimant who was correctly proceeding along the road. As a result the Defendant collided into our client causing the him to fall to the ground […]

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