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British Airways Flight delayed by over 3 hours by landing in Edinburgh instead of Dusseldorf by mistake

British Airways flight #BA3271 to Dusseldorf  in Germany landed in Edinburgh in Scotland by mistake. Apparently the wrong flight plan was filed. British Airways apologised to all their passengers who only realised the error when it was announced over the aircraft broadcast system that they had arrived at their destination. Having been asked who wanted […]

Have you been affected by the British Airways IT meltdown


Are you one of the thousands of British Airways passengers affected by the IT meltdown causing 100’s of flights to be delayed or cancelled?

If you are and wish to claim compensation due to your flight being delayed or cancelled then please either call us on 01329 227 983  or complete our form below.

Let our experts take the strain and run your claim

Remember you only pay a fee if you win

We even pay any court fees for you

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British Airways are currently trying to get backup systems up and running but for some passengers this is too late and travel plans and holidays are being ruined.

Please note you can not only claim compensation for the flight but also ticketing costs, food, beverages and accommodation costs in some circumstances.

A number of flights are operating as normal but please check for your own flight information.

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Today 21st march 2019 is World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) so the staff here at Hayward Baker thought they would  to take the opportunity to raise awareness by wearing mismatched socks for the day.

What is World Down Syndrome Day?

World Down Syndrome day is a global awareness day observed by the United Nations since 2012. Down Syndrome International encourages participants from all over the world to engage in their own activities and events to help raise awareness, as well as celebrate individuals with Down syndrome.

Here is our picture in support of WDSD:




Shop worker travelling in a taxi suffers whiplash after a collision.

At the time of the accident our client was a passenger in a taxi.  The taxi was  stationary at a roundabout when the Defendant collided with the rear of their vehicle. As a result of the collision our client suffered personal injury and loss. Our client’s injuries Whiplash and soft tissue injury to right arm. How Hayward Baker […]

Office worker receives over £3,500 in personal injury compensation after a road traffic collision

On the date of the accident our client was driving  along the M62 in a queue of traffic when suddenly the vehicle in front braked sharply.  Our client managed to stop in time.  The vehicle directly behind our client, a large  van, also stopped in time, however the defendant in the next vehicle collided with the […]

Cyclist struck by car receives £9,000 in personal injury compensation

Our client riding his bicycle along Hills Road in the direction of Station Road in Cambridge. The Defendant, driving a Hyundai Coupe and positioned in the opposite direction to the Claimant, turned right into a side road  forcing our client to brake sharply and to fall from his bicycle. As a result of the fall our client […]

Businessman injured in a road traffic accident is awarded just over £5,0000 in compensation

Our client was driving along a street on the way to Crewe  when the Defendant pulled out of a side road on the left causing the Claimants vehicle to collide with the Defendant’s vehicle. As a result of the accident our client suffered personal injury and loss. Our client’s injuries Sprained neck, shoulders, lower back and groin pain. How […]

Bin man injured in an accident at work receives £18,000 in damages

Our client was employed by the defendant as a refuse collector.  On the above date he was a passenger in a refuse truck when the driver lost control of the vehicle, collided with another vehicle, causing the refuse truck to tip over.  As a result of the accident our client has sustained injury, loss and damage. […]

Cyclist knocked off his bike is awarded over £22,000 in compensation for his injuries

On the above date our client was riding his bicycle along a  Road in Gosport. The Defendant, driving a Vauxhall Corsa drove out of a side road failing to stop and give-way to the Claimant who was correctly proceeding along the road. As a result the Defendant collided into our client causing him to be knocked to […]

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