Holiday Sickness Claims

Hayward Baker – Your Holiday Sickness Claim Specialists

If you have fallen ill whilst on a package holiday for 3 days or more  in the last three years, you could claim compensation today through Hayward Baker.

Package Tour Regulations 1992

  • You legally have the right to receive a holiday that you have booked and paid for.
  • If the holiday isn’t matching the description that you were given, the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 say that you could make a claim against the operator of the tour and there is a possibility of receiving compensation.
  • The tour operator is held responsible for all services if you have paid for a package holiday. This includes accommodation, flights and more. These services need to be part of the package holiday you booked.
  • These regulations are here top help you when making a claim against a tour operator, and they are valid in England, Scotland and Wales.

Did you know? British Law has you covered even when you are out of the country.

What is a Package Holiday?

A package holiday must include two of the following:

  • Transport (flight and transfers)
  • Your accommodation
  • Any other tourist service making up a large part of the package you have chosen

Hayward Baker Are Here To Help

At Hayward Baker, we are dedicated to recovering compensation for those who have fallen victim to sickness whilst on holiday. We are also able to help if you have had an accident abroad.

Our legal experts are supportive, friendly and hold a wealth of experience to help you with your holiday claim.

ALL of our holiday sickness claims are done on a strict NO Win NO Fee basis. This means that if you don’t receive any compensation, you owe us nothing.

The Possible Reasons For Holiday Sickness

  • Food poisoning e.g. food that is undercooked or served luke warm
  • Environmental Issues e.g. touching surfaces that are infected
  • Contaminated drinking water or swimming pools e.g. faeces in the water
  • Cross-contamination regarding food e.g.cooked and raw meats making contact
  • Unwashed fruit and vegetables e.g. food found in a restaurant or cafe kitchen
  • Non filtered ice water e.g. found on tables in restaurants or at bars
  • Poor staff hygiene e.g. in restaurants where chefs or waiting staff have not decontaminated their hands

Did you know? During the claims process, you do not need to be involved – Hayward Baker will handle everything throughout.

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