Hayward Baker wins £9,178.93 in compensation for roofer who fell 50ft from scaffolding

Roofer receives a hard-fought £9,178.93 in compensation for multiple fractures after 50ft fall from scaffolding. 


What happened? 

We were instructed to pursue an accident claim for Mr D a construction worker from Oxfordshire, who had been tiling a roof at the stately home called ‘Park Place’ in Berkshire.  Mr D had been removing roof tiles when he fell through a gap in the scaffold. He sustained rib fractures and a punctured lung. 

The scaffolding had been erected around the construction site.  As part of the renovation a number of chimneys were removed.  Our client was found on the ground under the scaffolding 50ft below a gap where one of the chimneys had been removed. 

The incident was reported to the Health & Safety Executive who immediately issued a Prohibition Notice so that the Defendant could not use the dangerous scaffold until it had been verified by the HSE as safe for use. 


What was the outcome? 

Unbelievably, while the Defendant admitted that the scaffold was dangerous, and that our client had been working in the vicinity, they stated that as there were no witnesses they were not satisfied that the large hole in the scaffolding was the cause of his accidental fall – this was despite him being found directly below it! 

After considerable argument we eventually persuaded the solicitors that the Defendant company would lose at court and they put forward an out of court settlement offer of £9,178.93 which Mr D accepted.   

This is one of many cases of injuries from construction or scaffolding accidents that our Fareham based solicitors have dealt with.  If you have suffered a similar fall then please contact us on 01329 227974 and we would be happy to advise you on how to go about obtaining the compensation you deserve. 

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