Forklift Accident - £7,375.00 compensation for run over worker

Specialists in forklift accidents successful in claim for maintenance worker run over by his workmate – £7,375.00 for injuries to hip and foot

What happened… 

Mr R from Pontefract was employed by the Defendant firm as a maintenance engineer.  On the day of the accident he was at work and was wearing overalls, safety boots, and a reflective jacket.  As he was walking towards a machine that he needed to work on, he felt what he later knew to be the forks of a forklift truck brush past him.  The wheels of the same forklift truck ran over his left foot.  Consequently, Mr R fell to the ground and the driver of the forklift, an employee of the same firm, stopped the truck with its wheel still on Mr R’s foot.


What we did… 

We acted for Mr R on a ‘no-win, no-fee’ basis.  We wrote to the Defendant firm with details of the forklift accident and explaining how they were liable for the negligent actions of their member of staff, the forklift driver, who had run over our client’s foot.  

Liability was not disputed; however the case was complicated because of the medical situation and a pre-existing hip injury.


The injuries sustained… 

Following the accident Mr R’s was taken to Pontefract Accident & Emergency Department.  X-rays of his left foot showed that the forklift truck had caused a fracture of the 3rd and 4th metatarsals.  He remained in plaster for 6 weeks post-accident.  

Prior to this accident Mr R had had septic arthritis in his left hip in 1968.  This left him with a short leg and a limp and he was due to have a hip replacement.  Mr R had 12 weeks off work.  When he returned to work his foot did not give him many problems, but the limping had caused his problem with his hip to be more painful.  The medical expert was of the opinion that this accident caused the need for hip surgery to be brought forward by 1 – 2 years.

The Defendant’s insurers refused to accept the medical expert’s finding that the fork lift running over our client’s foot had brought forward the need for hip surgery. The insurers put forward an initial offer of £4,500.00 which was rejected.  Negotiations continued and eventually we settled the claim for £7,375.00.  As with all our clients Mr R received the entire £7,375.00 of his compensation from the fork lift accident with no deductions.

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