Turning a denial of liability into an admission

Injury compensation of £23,500.00 recovered following a car accident, despite insurers denying liability after false report by driver.


How we achieved £23,500 in compensation for a car accident victim. 

We were instructed to pursue a claim for personal injury by a Hertfordshire driver involved in a car accident following a market at Bovingdon airfield in Hertfordshire.   


How did the accident happen? 

As expected, due to the high attendance at the market, there was slow moving traffic at closing.  Mr W was in the outside lane of a dual carriageway.   The near side lane was slow moving and vehicles were being overtaken by those in the outside lane.  Whilst Mr W was following the flow of traffic another driver suddenly and without warning pulled out of the nearside lane and into the outside lane. 

Mr W had no time to brake or otherwise avoid the cars colliding and the other driver crashed into the side of his car.


Liability was denied by the insurers 

Despite overwhelming witness evidence and a police report in support of Mr W’s version of events, liability for the accident was denied by the Defendant’s insurers.  It appeared that the driver at fault for the accident had given his insurers a false account of how the it had happened


Injuries suffered in the car accident 

Mr W was taken to Hemel Hemstead Hospital in Hertfordshire.  As a result of the  accident Mr W sustained a fracture of the left knee cap.  Mr W required surgery and physiotherapy but despite treatment Mr W continued to suffer with intermittent pain and discomfort. 


Liability was eventually admitted but low compensation offer made

As liability was denied by the insurers and we issued court proceedings.  As is often the case where liability is denied for a car accident, the issuing of court proceedings will persuade the insurers that we have confidence in the injured party’s account and an admission of liability will follow.   

We were able to turn the denial of liability into an admission and the Defendant’s solicitors put forward an out of court settlement offer of £17,500.00.  After negotiating with the insurers and solicitors we were able to obtain an increased offer and recovered compensation totaling £23,500 without Mr W needing to go to Court. 

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