Accident at Work Compensation for Surrey man burned at work

Accident at work in Surrey.  Personal Injury Solicitors, Hayward Baker, achieve £13,000.00 for Surrey welder who received 2nd degree burns after oil ignited while welding a lorry.

£13,000 settlement for man who sustained 2nd degree burns to neck and throat after welding accident.

What happened?

Mr U, from Surrey, was employed as a Welder by the defendant company.  On the day of the accident he was carrying out repairs on a refuse lorry.  He was cutting out a unit from the lorry using a cutting torch. Whilst doing this, unbeknown to our client, the pipe behind the unit, which had hydraulic oil in it, had leaked. Our client continued cutting the unit when the oil suddenly caught fire and exploded.  The explosion caught our client on the left side of his face, neck and shoulder areas.  Our client immediately put cold water on the burnt areas of the skin.

Mr U attended his local hospital, the Kings College Hospital where dressings were applied. The burnt area remained painful with blistering taking about 4 weeks to heal.  Our client remained off work for 4 weeks.  The healing took approximately 3 months from the date of the accident after which the wound healed completely.  However, after the healing process our client had been left with permanent visible scars on his face and neck; this caused him additional stress and discomfort.

What we did?

We wrote to the defendant company alleging that they failed to provide our client with a safe system of work, a safe working environment and that they failed to provide him with suitable personal protective equipment.   

The defendant’s insurers carried out their investigations into the circumstances of our client’s accident.  They admitted liability in full. 

We instructed an A+E specialist who wrote a detailed report upon our client’s injuries.  Within the report he advised that our client would benefit from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). We were able to arrange this treatment privately at no cost to Mr U.

Compensation offered

The defendant insurers offered to settle our client’s case for the sum of £9,606.56.  After negotiations we managed to increase the offer and settle the claim out of court for the grand total of £13,000.

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