47 year old woman claims for slip and fall in supermarket

Mrs Y, successful claimed after she was walking in a Morrison’s Supermarket in Nottingham when she slipped on a grape and injured her knee

Mrs Y, a 47 year old woman, entered the Morrison’s supermarket in Clifton, Nottingham to make her weekly shop. While walking toward the check out area, she trod on a discarded grape on the store’s floor.  The grape caused her to slip and fall causing her to twist her knee.

A member of the store’s staff came to her aid and assisted Mrs Y to her feet.  She then left Mrs Y and went away, presumably to obtain something or someone to clean the slippery grape up from the floor.  Understandably, Mrs Y felt a bit embarrassed about the slip and fall and chose to leave the supermarket as soon as possible.  She did not complete the supermarket’s accident book that day.  However, she did call the supermarket the following day to report her accident. 

Mrs Y sustained a soft tissue her knee and attended the Queens Medical Centre in Derby Road, Nottingham for treatment.  She had difficulty walking and had 1 day off of work.  The medical report we obtained for Mrs Y suggested that her knee should have returned to the pre-accident condition within 12 months of the slip.

After we wrote to the supermarket with an account of the slip their lawyers contacted us and admitted liability for the accident.   Following receipt of the medical report the supermarket’s lawyers made an offer of £1,500.00, after some negotiation we settled Mrs Y claim for damages at £3,000.00.



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47 year old woman claims for slip and fall in supermarket
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