Passenger in car hit from behind – case settles for £11,000.00

Mr H was a front seat passenger of a car involved in a road traffic accident.  His daughter was driving down a hill when she stopped in order to give way to an oncoming bus. When she did so her car was hit from behind by another car.

In common with a lot of car accident injuries, Mr H was not immediately aware of any pain but was in a state of shock.  After a troubled night’s sleep he awoke the next morning to find that he could not lift his left arm. He also had pain in his neck and lower back – commonly referred to as ‘whiplash’ type injuries.  He went to see his GP and was told that it was expected that the injuries would ease over time and was sent away with some painkillers. 

Unfortunately, Mr H did not recover as expected and after various x-rays and scans he had to have decompression surgery on his left shoulder.

Eventually Mr H’s car accident claim settled for £11,000 after some tough negotiations with the other driver’s insurers.  

For Mr H this was a great result. What this case does illustrate is that sometimes what at first seem to be fairly minor injuries can be more serious.  It also serves as a reminder to those injured in car accidents that they should be very wary of insurers who try and settle an injured persons case within days or weeks after the accident as there is no saying how long or how serious the injuries are actually are.  

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Passenger in car hit from behind – case settles for £11,000.00
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