Dog Bite Accident

Occupiers Liability Case Report

Our client contacted us to make a claim for compensation for personal injuries that she sustained when she was bitten by a dog whilst delivering leaflets.

Our client was delivering leaflets to houses in her neighbourhood. As she raised the letter box to post the leaflet, without warning she was bitten on the finger by a dog which was present inside the house. The householder was not present. 

Our client’s finger was at its most painful for around 6 weeks.

We were able to show that the householder was negligent in not keeping the dog away from the door when not present in the house. 

If you have been the victim of such an accident, caused by a dog bite and you have been injured, all is not lost. 

Liability was admitted by the householder’s insurance company and our client received £3,500 in compensation without the need for Court proceedings.

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