Negligent Tattoo Removal

Product Liability Case Report

Our client contacted us to make a claim for compensation for personal injuries.  She had been having laser treatment to remove a tattoo on her chest and upper arm.  This treatment was proving costly and she was advised to look into having some micro pigmentation treatment to cover the tattoo, which was cheaper than the laser treatment. 

Micro pigmentation treatment is a form of permanent makeup where the skin is injected with a colour.  In our client’s case the skin was injected with her natural skin tone in order to remove the ink used for the tattoo.

Unfortunately this treatment did not assist in the removal of the tattoo and in fact caused significant  keloid scarring around the site of the tattoo on her chest and upper arm.

The Defendants denied liability, for her personal injury claim, arguing that the treatment was provided in the correct and proper manner, and also raising issues as whether the scarring was actually caused by the treatment provided by the Defendant.

Medical evidence was obtained which confirmed that the quality of the micro pigmentation treatment given by the Defendant was poor, that the keloid scarring had developed as a result of the treatment.

Court proceedings were issued, claiming compensation for the client’s personal injuries.  However the claim settled successfully for the sum of £7,500 before trial.

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Negligent Tattoo Removal
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