£30,000 awarded to cyclist injured when hit by a motor vehicle

Our client was cycling along a road when the defendant heading in the opposite direction turned across her path and collided with her, causing her to fall from her bicycle and suffer injury.

Our client’s injuries

As a result of the collision our client suffered soft tissue injuries to her head, neck, lower back and right leg.

How Hayward Baker obtained justice for their client

We too on  our client’s claim on a No Win No Fee basis and submitted the claim to the defendant and his insurer blaming him for the accident as he  drove into collision with our client;  turned right across the path of our client’s correctly proceeding bicycle, failed to observe or heed the presence of or approach of our client and failed to give passage to the her correctly proceeding bicycle.

Liability was admitted and so we then proved our client’s injuries by obtaining a medical report from various medical experts ( and Orthopaedic Consultant, a Rheumatologist and a General Practitioner). It was these reports that were used to value our client’s claim for damages and out of pocket expenses.

Because of the severity of our client’s injuries the claim took nearly four years to settle. We advised our client not to accept any offers until she was 100% sure she was no longer suffering from her injuries as per the medical experts prognosis.


We settled our client’s claim after a lot of hard work and negotiating by our specialist team for £30,000

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£30,000 awarded to cyclist injured when hit by a motor vehicle
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