Aircraft Engineer suffers serious injury at his place of work and is awarded over £47,000 in compensation

cancelled-flightOur client was an aircraft engineer in Exeter and was working in the battery bay workshop. Part of his duties included lifting batteries out of their cardboard packaging. The batteries weighed between 40 to 46kg each.

As he lifted one of these batteries he felt a sudden severe pain in his stomach and he reported this to his employer.

Our client subsequently attended his GP surgery to see what the problem was.

Our Client’s Injuries:

Our client suffered a Bilateral Hernia and anxiety and depression.

What Hayward Baker did to help:

One of our Personal Injury Specialists Michelle Higgins made the claim for an accident at work through the Low Value Personal Injury Claims online portal but was eventually removed from this scheme when the value of claim increased once the injuries were confirmed.

The defendant’s insurer investigated our client’s claim and confirmed that liability was admitted on behalf of their insured.

Michelle then arranged for our client to be examined by a Physician who confirmed that the injuries our client received were caused by the accident and also
that he had undergone surgery for the hernia. The medical expert recommended that our client see a Psychologist with regard to anxiety and depression he was suffering since his accident.

The medical expert highlighted the following out of pocket expenses that our client could claim for as part of his claim:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Trevel expenses to and from medical appointments

The medical expert reports were used to prove our client’s injuries and to help Michelle value the claim for personal injury compensation and associated losses.

Compensation Calculator Link

Once our client had approved the medical reports and his out of pocket expenses schedule Michelle negotiated settlement of his claim with the Defendants insurers.

Many offered were made by the insurers and counter offers were made by Michelle but a settlement could not be agreed so Michelle isssued proceedings so that a judge could decide in court what the level of compensation should be.

Howver, the case did not go to trial and the defendant insurers conceded.


Michelle settled our client’s claim for £47,500.00

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