Biker Hit by Car Receives £4,000.00 in Compensation

Mr S was correctly riding his motorbike down a road in Lewisham when a car pulled out of a junction into his motorcycle causing Mr S to suffer injury to his left leg with numbness above the knee. Mr S also had difficulty sleeping due to nightmares about the accident.

Hayward Baker Solicitors were instructed to act for Mr S and having wrote to the Defendant insurers blaming their insured for the accident an acknowledgement admitting liability for the accident was quickly received.

Hayward Baker then moved things forward rapidly by obtaining a medical report upon Mr S’s injuries so that the claim could be valued. The Consultant that wrote the report having examined Mr S found the injuries caused by the accident to be a moderate sprain/strain to the neck which resolved within 12 months of accident, moderate sprain/strain to the lumbar spine and this should resolve within 16 months of the accident date. In addition the report confirmed that Mr S also suffered with travel anxiety caused by traumatic shock which resolved within 12 months of the accident date.

Hayward Baker with their client’s authority forwarded a copy of the medical report to the Defendant insurers asking that they make an offer in settlement of Mr S’s claim for compensation.

An offer for £4,000.00 was accepted by Mr s to include a £400.00 fee to pay for physiotherapy treatment already received.

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