Bricklayer receives over £3,000.00 in compensation after an accident at work

Our client was working as a bricklayer in a house on a building site. As our client went to step outside of the property through the gable end doorway onto the tarmac drive he fell into a channel which had been dug immediately outside of the doorway. The channel had been left unguarded and no warnings were in place.

As a result of the fall our client suffered an injury to his left ankle.

How Hayward Baker helped: We took on this accident at work case on a No Win No Fee basis and stated the claim via the low value insurers online portal.

Liability was not an issue so we just had to prove our client’s injuries were caused by the accident. We achieved this by obtaining a medical report upon our client’s injuries and a copy of his medical records and accident book record from his place of work.

In addition to the compensation for our client’s injuries we also recovered monies for his out of pocket expenses to include:

  • Travel expenses to and from medical appointments
  • Care and assistance
  • A small amount to cover phone calls and postage costs

Conclusion: our client received just over ££,200.00 in compensation

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Bricklayer receives over £3,000.00 in compensation after an accident at work
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