Our Bristol Cyclist client receives over £6,000 compensation after being knocked off of their bicycle by a car

The Situation:

Hayward Baker’s client was cycling along Duckmoor Road in Bristol when the defendant turned right from Duckmoor Road into Durnford Street. This resulted in a collision.

As a result of the collision, our client was thrown from his bicycle and suffered injuries.

The Injuries:

Our client received moderate cuts and severe bruising to the right lower leg, right ankle and right elbow. Severe sprains to the right elbow and right hand were also caused in addition to a severe strain on the right knee and moderate cuts to the head.

A severe sprain to the lumbar spine (lower back) was also received, and our client further suffered emotionally from distressing flashbacks and anxiety. 

How Hayward Baker Helped:

One of our personal injury specialists Ria Tallack handled this case on a strict no-win-no-fee basis.

As the claim was a low value road traffic collision, Ria began the claiming process through the Low Value Personal Injury Portal with the defendant insurers. The defendant then admitted liability for the accident.

Ria arranged for our client to be examined by three medical experts: A General Practitioner, a Psychologist, and an Orthopaedic Surgeon. Hayward Baker then organised for our client to undergo physiotherapy treatment and an MRI scan.

In addition to this, Ria also arranged Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help our client with the emotional side effects. 

The Valuation:

All three of the medical experts formulated reports upon our client’s injuries, which were used by Ria to prove what treatment they require. This was helpful in correctly valuing the amount of compensation that our client needed to receive. 

In addition to damages for injuries, Ria further claimed for bicycle damage, damaged clothing, and broken bike accessories. Medical treatment also was claimed, as was a small amount for telephone calls and postage. 

The Resolution:

After negotiating with the defendant insurers, Hayward Baker settled the claim in full for just over £6000.

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Our Bristol Cyclist client receives over £6,000 compensation after being knocked off of their bicycle by a car
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