Broken down vehicle gets struck by another on Motorway causing passenger serious injury

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in a road traffic accident. The vehicle in which our client was traveling had broken down and was therefore stationary in lane 3 of a motorway. Whilst our client was still inside the vehicle, the Defendant drove at speed into a collision with the vehicle.

As a result of the collision our client suffered serious personal injury.

Our client’s Injuries:

Severe hip injury and internal bleeding.

How did Hayward Baker help?

We took on this claim on  NO Win No Fee basis and once our client had signed up on a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) we stated our claim to the Defendant Insurers.

Liability was an issue at the start of this claim but as our client was a passenger in the vehicle then they were clearly not at fault for the accident. However, there was still an issue as to who was to blame and this had to be resolved.

One of our senior litigators fought long and hard for our client until eventually an agreement was reached.

To value our client’s claim and to and ensure he had the correct treatment for his injuries we arranged appointments with a number of medical experts who would examine our client and formulate a report upon his injuries.

Our client had a number of out of pocket expenses to claim for which we call Special Damages and these included:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Damaged clothing
  • Travel expenses
  • Care and Assistance
  • Medical expenses

Once our client was happy with the medical reports and the prognosis of the experts we were in a position to negotiate settlement with the Defendant Insurers.


We settled our client’s claim for a five figure sum including special damages.





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Broken down vehicle gets struck by another on Motorway causing passenger serious injury
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