Car changes lane on roundabout in Windsor without warning causing a collision

Mr G was driving his vehicle correctly around Goslar Way roundabout in Windsor, he was in the right hand inside lane when without warning a vehicle in the left hand lane  drove into the same lane as Mr G causing a collision and forcing his vehicle onto a traffic island. The collision caused Mr G injury to his neck, left shoulder, left elbow, left wrist, left knee, left ankle and burns to his left wrist.

The emergency services attended the scene and Mr G was taken to Wexham Park Hospital for medical treatment. As a result of these injuries Mr G was placed on light duties at his place of work.

Mr G instructed Hayward Baker Solicitors to pursue his claim for personal injury compensation.

Once Mr G had been signed up on a No Win No Fee agreement his solicitor informed the other drivers insurers of the claim via the insurers portal. An acknowledgement of the claim was received from the insurers within 24 hours as per the protocol. A few weeks later the insurers confirmed that liability was admitted for the accident as their insured was at fault.

Around 5 days later Mr G called his solicitor to inform her that he had received an offer of £1900.00 to settle his claim  and would be paid within 7 days if he accepted. However his solicitor advised him to forward a copy of the letter to her which he did and arranged a time for them to have a discussion about the offer. As Mr H had ongoing symptoms with his injuries it would not be wise to accept the offer put forward by the defendant insurers because she felt it was too low and  without a medical evidence she was unable to assess the extent of his injuries and not be able to value his claim accuratley. Mr G’s solicitor wanted to arrange a medical examination with a General Practitioner for him so that the medical expert could  formulate a report upon his injuries which would be used in support of his claim and allow her to make a valuation for personal injury compensation.

The medical report subsequently arrived and stated that the injuries Mr G received were consistent with the car accident and that he was likely to recover fully from his injuries 12 months post accident date. The report was sent to Mr H for his approval and he was asked in the enclosing letter whether he wished to settle the claim now or wait until the 12 months post accident date had passed. He was advised that if he settled now and that after 12 months had passed he was still suffering he could not go back to the defendant insurers for more money.

Mr H approved the medical report and a copy of the same was sent to the defendant insurers. Mr G’s solicitor then started to value the claim and in the meantime asked Mr G if he had any further out of pocket expenses like damaged clothes etc he needed to add to his schedule of loss.

Once his solicitor had received all of the information from Mr G she wrote to him giving a breakdown of how she valued the claim. This was broken down into his compensation for pain and suffering and a schedule of  other out of pocket expenses.

Mr G responded to the letter and was happy with the amount his solicitor was going to put forward as an offer for settlement to the defendant insurers.

The offer went in high and was rejected by the insurers and after some heavy negotiation Mr G’s solicitor managed to settled the claim for £3500.00 a lot more than was previously offered.

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Car changes lane on roundabout in Windsor without warning causing a collision
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