Car collides with cyclist on road in Byfleet causing rider personal injury

Ms Q was riding her bicycle correctly along a road in Byfleet in Surrey when a vehicle driving along the same carriageway drove straight into her whilst trying to overtake causing her to fall off the bike and suffer soft tissue injuries and a laceration to her leg.

Ms Q instructed Hayward Baker Solicitors to make a claim for compensation against the driver. The driver was blamed for the accident for not observing Ms Q and not allowing sufficient space when overtaking her bicycle. The drivers insures contacted Hayward Baker within 2 months of Hayward Baker stating the claim admitting full liability for the accident.

The next stage once a liability decision had been reached was to provide medical evidence in support of Ms Q’s injuries and that they were caused by the material  accident. A medical appointment was made for Ms Q so that she could have a medical examination from an Accident & Emergency Consultant who would write a report which would be used in support of the claim for personal injury. The report confirmed the injuries were caused by the type of accident that Ms Q had and that she suffered low back pain, Right thigh and right buttock pain. she also had abrasions and lacerations to both knees (leaving two small scars), left wrist pain, right shoulder pain and pain in both feet.

The consultant also recommended an appointment to see a Psychologist for the anxiety symptoms Ms Q was suffering post accident. Once the report was received it was recommended that Ms Q attend 6 sessions of trauma focused CBT treatment.

Miss Q received physiotherapy for her lower back pain and made numerous trips to see her GP regarding the other injuries. As some of the injuries were taking a long time to heal and that Ms Q was sent to see the Accident & Emergency  Consultant for an updated medical report upon her injuries.

Once treatment had ceased, that a final prognosis was reached and Ms Q confirmed that the medical reports were correct Hayward Baker disclosed the claim to the Defendant insurers in full asking that they make an offer to settle the claim for £11384.41. The insurers counter offer was lower at £9,354.41 but was an offer which the client was happy to accept having discussed the risks of refusing the offer with her Solicitor at Hayward Baker.

Ms Q was happy with the outcome of her case and the compensation received and that her losses caused by the accident had been paid for by the drivers insurers which included the CBT and physiotherapy treatment.





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Car collides with cyclist on road in Byfleet causing rider personal injury
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