Car dragged under a lorry’s trailer after a collision at a roundabout in Hatfield causes driver to suffer injury

Our client was driving around the outside of a roundabout when a lorry on the inside pulled across her path and into a collision. Our client’s vehicle was dragged under the lorry’s trailer which pushed our client’s vehicle into another vehicle waiting to enter the roundabout.

As a result of the collision our client suffered injury and loss.

Our client attended her local hospital for treatment and underwent a course of physiotherapy.

Our Client’s Injuries

Whiplash injuries to the neck, upper back and shoulders.

What Hayward Baker did to help?
Hayward Baker solicitors took on the claim on a No Win No Fee basis. The claim was made through the insurers personal injury claims portal and when the claim was acknowledged the defendant insurers denied that their insured was liable for the accident.

However, Hayward Baker continued with the case as the client had supplied details of a very good witness who wrote in his statement that the lorry driver was definitely at fault for the road traffic accident.


Hayward Baker still thought the chances off success were good especially as they had a statement from the only independent witness and were prepared to continue with the claim.

Hayward Baker sent off for copies of our client’s medical records from her GP and the hospital she attended on the day of the accident. Once the medical records were received Hayward Baker made sure that the details regarding the injuries were recorded correctly and then arranged to have our client attend a medical appointment with a medical expert who would examine our client and formulate a report upon her injuries.

The medical report would be used to prove our client’s injuries and help value her claim for personal injury compensation.

On receipt of the first medical report from a General Practitioner the expert stated that the injuries were due to the accident but he recommended that our client should seek another report from an orthopaedic surgeon regarding her injuries should her current symptoms not resolve after a further 8 sessions of physiotherapy.

Our client’s symptoms did not resolve and our client wished to wait a full year before we obtained the final medical report. The medical expert stated in the final report that our client’s injuries would resolve 6 months from the date of his report if she continues doing the exercises.

A copy of the report was sent to our client for approval along with a schedule of her out of pocket expenses claim, to include loss of earnings, medical purchases. Loss of use of her motor vehicle, insurance excess payment and the cost of a childminder while she underwent physiotherapy. A covering letter was attached explaining to our client what we think the claim is likely to be worth and what offer we should put forward to the insurers to try settle the claim out of court.

Our client approved the report and schedule and wished us to settle the claim for the sums suggested.

However we still had the liability decision to deal with and because the defendant was still adamant that they were not a fault we had to issue proceedings and take the matter to court and let a judge decide who was at fault for the accident.

The defendant insurers now instructed solicitors to deal with the claim as we had now issued the court proceedings.

Hayward Baker now worked hard to ensure that everything was ready for court and forwarded details of the claim in full to the defendant solicitors.

Fortunately the solicicotrs wished to settle out of court and made an offer in settlement of our client’s claim.

This offer was accepted by our client having heeded advice of her solicitor at Hayward Baker.

Our client’s claim was finally settled for the sum of £4,735.00

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Car dragged under a lorry’s trailer after a collision at a roundabout in Hatfield causes driver to suffer injury
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