Car passenger injured in a rear end shunt receives over £3,000 in compensation

Our client (a minor) was travelling as a passenger in a taxi being driven by the Defendant’s employee. As they were travelling down the A12 in Chelmsford the traffic came to a stop. However, the taxi driver did not heed that the traffic was slowing and collided with the rear of the vehicle in front. As a result of the collision our client suffered injury.

Our Client’s Injuries:

Soft tissue injury to neck, upper back and knees.

What Hayward Baker did to help?

We took on the case on a No Win no Fee basis and stated the claim to the defendant’ insurers via the low value personal injury insurers on-line portal.

As our client was a minor (under the age of 18) her Mother was appointed as her Litigation Friend.

The insurers acknowledged the claim and liability was admitted subject to causation. This mean’t that as long as a medical report states that the injuries were as a result of the accident then the defendant’s insurers will pay our client compensation.

We applied for our client’s medical records and on receipt arranged an appointment for our client to go and see a  General Practitioner who having examined our client would formulate a report upon her injuries. It was this report we used to prove our client’s injuries and value the claim for compensation.

The report did indeed support our client’s version of events and highlighted a number of travel expenses incurred going to and from medical appointments and these were add to her claim for out of pocket expenses.

A copy of the medical report was sent to the Litigation Friend who gave the authority that they were happy to disclose the report to the insurers and that our client had also recovered from her injuries.

The next step was to instruct a barrister to advise on the likely value of our client’s claim and once this was received it was sent to the Litigation Friend to consider, if they were happy then they were to sign the authority to accept any offer ,or above, of what was advised by the Barrister.

Once the settlement amount was agreed a small hearing  before a Judge was arranged in the client’s local County Court, this was to ensure that our client classed as a minor received a fair settlement.


Our client’s case settled for £3,200.00

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Car passenger injured in a rear end shunt receives over £3,000 in compensation
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