Car pulls out into oncoming traffic and collides with another vehicle causing a whiplash injury

Mr C was driving his vehicle correctly across a crossroads

in Leicester and whilst doing so another driver pulled out of one of the junctions, attempted to turn right across Mr C’s path and ended up colliding with his vehicle causing him a whiplash injury to his neck and shoulder.

Hayward Baker Solicitors were instructed to act on Mr C’s behalf with regards to his claim for personal injury compensation.

The reason that Hayward Baker was alleging that the other driver was at fault was that he failed to heed the presence of the Claimant’s (Mr C) vehicle, failed to give way to the Claimant who had right of way and caused the collision between the two vehicles.

The other drivers (Defendant) insurers acknowledged the claim within the 24 hour period given.

The Defendant insurers did not deny liability for the accident and had contacted Hayward Baker via the insurers portal with a liability decision within 12 days of being informed of the accident details which was within the time frame of 15 days for them to make a liability decision on the claim.

The next step was for Hayward Baker to arrange a medical appointment with a medical consultant who would examine Mr C and formulate a report upon his injuries and this would be used to support the claim and enable Hayward baker to value the amount of compensation the claim would be worth. However as this claim was of low value the defendant insurers made a pre medical offer of £1750.00. The offer was subsequently accepted by Mr C.

The whole process from start the claim to Mr C receiving his compensation cheque was nine weeks.

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Car pulls out into oncoming traffic and collides with another vehicle causing a whiplash injury
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