Car tries to over take cyclist and causes collision injuring the rider

Mr F was riding his bicycle down Barrack Road in Exeter and was overtaking a line of parked cars on the side of the road when the vehicle behind him tried to overtake the him and the parked cars at the same time but ended up hitting Mr F and causing him to be thrown off his bike. As a result of the collision Mr F suffered a soft tissue injury to his lower back and a number of lacerations and contusions.

Mr F’s bicycle was also damaged in the accident along with some items of clothing.

Hayward Baker Solicitors were instructed by Mr F to act on his behalf for his claim for injury compensation plus money for the damaged bicycle and clothing.

The claim was made via the low value insurers portal and a quick response was received from the car drivers insurers (defendant inurers) stating that liability would not be in dispute for the accident.

It was now down to Hayward Baker to gather evidence in support of Mr F’s claim so they arranged a medical appointment with a medical physician so they could examine Mr F and then formulate a report upon his injuries caused by the accident. A schedule of special damages (Out of pocket expenses) was drafted outlining any expenses Mr H had incurred as a result of the accident and this would include a claim for the damaged cycle and clothing.

Once the medical report was received Mr H’s solicitor read it and sent a copy to him highlighting the main points. The report stated that the injuries were consistent with the material accident. Mr F approved the report and sent a signed copy back to his solicitor along with his updated special damages schedule.

The claim was then disclosed in full to the defendant insurers asking that an offer be made in full and final settlement of Mr F’s claim.

A settlement of just over £2700.00 was accepted by Mr F for his injuries and damage to personal property.

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Car tries to over take cyclist and causes collision injuring the rider
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