Carer who slipped down a patients stairs and injured herself receives over £5,000 in damages

shoe coverOur client was employed as a home carer. Our client was in a patient’s home carrying out her duties in the course of her employment.

Our client was obliged to wear shoe covers within this particular persons home

As our client was descending the stairs in the property she slipped and injured herself. The cause of the slip were the shoe covers as they had no anti-slip properties.

Our Client’s injuries:
Our client suffered injuries to her elbow, coccyx and back.

What did Hayward Baker Solicitors do to help:
One of our Personal Injury Specialists Gary Lee made the claim through the Low Value Personal Injury Claims Portal.

Having investigated our client’s claim, the defendant insurers denied liability. However, after some serious negotiation by Gary the insurers accepted partial liability for the accident and this is known as contributory negligence. The liability decision was made subject to the injuries being proved to have been caused by the accident.

Gary arranged for our client to be examined by a General Practitioner who would formulate a report upon our client’s injuries.

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Once the medical report was received, Gary noted that the medical expert had confirmed within his report that our client’s injuries were in fact caused by the material accident.

The Consultant recommended in the report that our client should attend 6 sessions of physiotherapy and expects that a full recovery should be made within 16 months from the date of his report. The medical report also highlighted that our client had a claim for travel expenses to and from medical appointments, care and assistance as she relied upon her family for assistance for a period of 8 weeks, a claim for loss of earnings while she was off work due to the injuries and a sum for medical expenses to include the course of physiotherapy.

Once our client had undergone her treatment she approved the medical report and her out of pockets schedule and both of these documents were sent to the insurers by Gary asking that they make an offer to settle the claim.

Our client was awarded £5,989.00 in personal injury compensation which also included her out of pocket expenses claim.

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