Chef burned by gas oven in an accident at work receives compensation

Our client was employed by the Defendant as a Chef.  The Defendant’s oven had no pilot light and so in order to light the oven our client had to get onto her hands and knees and light the oven manually using a lighter.    As  our client was lighting the oven there was a gas “blow back” as a result of which our client has sustained injury, damages and loss.

Our Client’s Injuries:

Burns to face and hands. hair loss-eyelashes, eyebrows, head hair and arm hair. Headaches and trauma.

How Hayward Baker helped:

We took on this claim on a No Win No Fee basis and stated the claim via the insurers low value claims portal.

Liability was admitted at an early stage so we obtained medical evidence to prove our client’s injuries were as a  result of the accident. We would normally achieve this by obtaining a medical report from a medical expert. However,  on this matter we received a pre-medical offer which meant that if our client was willing to accept the insurers offer to settle now then there would be no need for our client to attend a medical appointment with an expert.

We advised our client of the pre-medical offer and set out in writing what accepting the offer would mean. Of course it was difficult to ascertain the value of the claim without a medical report but if we had  obtained a report our client could subsequently  be awarded more or even less compensation than stated in the offer. This was the risk with such offers.

It was our client’s choice to accept the insurers offer and if she did then that would be the end of the matter and she would not be entitled to any more compensation at a later date should any of her symptoms persist.

Our client accepted the insurers offer.


Our client received a settlement figure of £5,500.00

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Chef burned by gas oven in an accident at work receives compensation
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