Our Chef client receives compensation after being assaulted at his workplace by another member of staff

food-vegetables-wood-knifeOur client was at his place of work in a kitchen. The Kitchen Porter had been reprimanded and in a fit of rage threw a chopping board into our client’s face, causing him to suffer personal injury.

The Injuries:     

Our client suffered an injury to one of his eyes and received a fractured nose.

How Hayward Baker Helped:

One of our Personal Injury Specialists Angela Ansell made the claim through the Low Value Personal Injury Claims online portal.

The defendant’s insurer then studied the claim and told Hayward Baker that they admitted liability.

Angela then arranged for our client to be examined by a General Practitioner who confirmed that the injuries our client received were caused by the kitchen incident.

This medical expert then wrote a report upon our client’s injuries, and it this was used to prove our client’s injuries. It also helped Angela in correctly valuing our client’s claim for compensation.

Compensation Calculator Link

The Valuation:

Once Michelle had enough medical evidence and full details of all of our client’s losses due to the accident, she negotiated a fair settlement with the defendant solicitors.

 The Resolution:

As a result, our client’s claim was settled in full for £1,650.00.

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