Our client injured when his vehicle rolled in an accident receives £20,000.00 compensation payout for a whiplash and severe hand injury

Child passenger receives a five figure compensation payment for a whiplash and severe hand injury

Accident Circumstances: Our client was travelling in a car from Southminster towards Athone in Essex. His driver was travelling at excessive speed and swerved, hit a tree stump and rolled the car. As ca result of the accident our client suffered personal injury.

Our Client’s Injuries: Whiplash injury to his cervical spine,  Laceration to his skull, burn to arm from the airbag and displaced fracture to the  to right (non-dominant) hand little finger requiring surgery.

What did Hayward Baker Solicitors do to help: The case was run by one of our specialist personal injury lawyers who wrote to our client’s driver (defendant) and his  insurers (Third Party Insurers) blaming him for the accident.

As our client was a passenger in a motor vehicle we assumed that liability would not be an issue. We assumed correctly as within 12 days of reporting the incident to the defendant insurers we received a response from stating that liability was not in dispute.

We arranged for our client to be medically examined by  experts who subsequently wrote  reports upon our client’s injuries. It was these reports that were used to prove that our client’s injuries were as a result of the accident and for us to be able to value the claim for damages (Injury Compensation) and Special Damages (other associated losses).


We arranged for our client to see a specialist who recommended our client had surgery on his hand. Upon completion of surgery we then arranged for our client to receive therapy for his hand.

To help with our client’s anxiety when travelling in a motor vehicle  we arranged for him to see a psychologist.

We complied a schedule of our client’s special damages to include:

  • Travelling expenses to and from hospital and GP appointments.
  • Car parking fees at the hospital.
  • Loss of earnings for a missed job opportunity of work due to his injuries.
  • Damaged clothing.
  • Damaged Iphone.
  • As a result of the whiplash and hand injury  sustained in the road traffic accident our client  required assistance in his domestic and personal duties.  He therefore relied upon his parents who assisted him for a period of 12 weeks.  This part of the expenses claim  is called  Care and Assistance.

As our client was legally classed as a child (he was under the age of 18) we instructed Counsel ( a Barrister) to advise us on the value of his claim (advising on  Quantum).

We also negotiated with the defendant insurers the get the best possible compensation our client deserved.

Resolution: Our client was awarded £20,000.00 in settlement of his claim.

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Our client injured when his vehicle rolled in an accident receives £20,000.00 compensation payout for a whiplash and severe hand injury
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