Claimant hit by untraced vehicle receives over £7,000 in compensation for whiplash injury

Our client was driving down a road in Torquay when without warning the defendant pulled out of where he was parked on our client’s near side and collided with our client’s correctly proceeding vehicle.

As a result of the collision our client suffered personal  injury and loss.

Our client’s injuries

Soft tissue whiplash injury

How Hayward Baker helped

We took on this matter on a No Win No Fee basis and it got a bit interesting from the offset. The licence plate and name given to the injurers by our client did not come up on their database as being correct and therefore was rejected and  our client was informed that they must be mistaken regards the identity of the third party defendant. There were witnesses to the accident who also gave the same vehicle description along with the same licence plate and it came apparent that the registration had been voided some months earlier and therefore the vehicle that the defendants vehicle was being driven with the wrong plates. The car make and colour was also incorrect.

This matter now turned from a straightforward road traffic accident into an Motor insurers Bureau (MIB) untraced vehicle claim. The MIB is a company set up by insurers to compensate victims of uninsured and  untraced vehicles. As our client had witnesses to the accident we had a good chance of success with the MIB.

We helped our client prove that the accident happened the way she described and that  her injuries were as a result of the accident by obtaining a medical report from a General Practitioner and by witness statements.

The MIB made an offer to settle our client’s claim and the claim came to an end.


Our client received just over £7,000 in compensation for her injuries and associated losses (Special Damages) which included:

  • Travel Expenses for journeys to and from medical appointments
  • Medical treatment
  • Pain killers

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Suffered from whiplash?

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Claimant hit by untraced vehicle receives over £7,000 in compensation for whiplash injury
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