Cleaner in Hampshire has a no fault accident at work and receives over £3,000 in compensation for his injuries

Our client was employed as a cleaner at a popular shopping complex on the South Coast. Our client and one of his colleagues were undertaking cleaning duties and our client went to shut one of the fire doors as they had been instructed to ensure they keep the fire doors closed at all times. As our client tried to shut a fire door the door came off it’s hinges and fell onto our client causing him to suffer injury.

Our Client’s Injuries:

Exacerbation of mechanical lower back pain.

What did Hayward Baker Solicitors do to help?

The case was taken on by one of our personal Injury Claims Experts who ran the claim on a No Win No Fee basis.

Having written to the Defendant blaming them for the accident, Hayward Baker soon received an acknowledgement of the claim and also that liability was denied due to the Defendant having no recorded knowledge of the incident or any information relating to fire door repairs at the time of the accident.

What Hayward Baker informed our client to do next was help them to prove that the accident did happen and that it was reported and our client was injured. Our client got hold of a witness to the accident and Hayward Baker contacted them to obtain a written statement setting out the facts of the incident.

Hayward Baker applied to the Defendant for copies of the repair log around the time of the accident and a copy of their accident book record and any other relevant documents regarding inspections to the building.

Hayward Baker managed to obtain a witness statement and records to show that the accident happened as stated, the door was repaired by a contractor and accident book records show the accident was reported.

A medical appointment was arranged for our client to be examined by an Orthopaedic Surgeon who would formulate a report upon our client;s injury. It would be this report that would be used to prove our client’s injuries and help Hayward Baker value the claim for compensation and Special Damages (out of pocket expenses claim).

Proceeding were issued by Hayward Baker as the defendant insurers had still maintained their denial of liability and it was now up to the Court to decide who is to blame for the accident at work.

Hayward baker instructed a Barrister (Counsel) to look at the case and to advise them on the chances of success in Court. The Counsel in his advice stated that the chances of success were 60% in favour of our client.

By the time all evidence in support of our client’s claim was sent to the now defendant solicitors and prior to going to Trial to let the judge decide who was to blame for the accident the defendant solicitors finally agreed to settle the claim out of Court.


Our client’s claim settled in full for £3,500.00 which included a claim for travel expenses to and from medical appointments, care and assistance and medical expenses.

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Cleaner in Hampshire has a no fault accident at work and receives over £3,000 in compensation for his injuries
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