Our client is awarded £50,000 in compensation having suffered severe whiplash in a RTA

Our client was stationary in traffic when the Defendant collided with the rear of her vehicle.

As a result of the collision our client suffered injury and loss.

The Injuries:

Lower back pain, bruised ribs, headaches and insomnia.

How Hayward Baker Helped:

For this whiplash client, our personal injury specialist Solicitor Michelle Higgins decided to take on the case. This was agreed on a no win no fee basis to benefit the client as much as possible.

As this was classed  as a low value road traffic accident (RTA), the claim was made through the Low Value Personal Injury Accident Portal. The defendant insurers investigated  the claim,  but unfortunately took longer than the allowed period of time under the portal rules and therefore the case was removed from the portal scheme.

However the Defendant insurers eventually  admitted liability for the accident on behalf of their insured.

Although our client did receive a high payout for her whiplash injury this was in part due to her other losses, which included a loss of earnings as she had to take time off work due to her injuries and paying for help and assistance around the home each day for a period of 46 weeks.

The Valuation:

The medical reports formulated by the medical experts who examined our client allowed Michelle  accurately value the claim so that our client received a fair offer in relation to her injury compensation (Damages) and her out of pocket expenses claim (Special Damages).

The Resolution:

Michelle negotiated the settlement of the claim with the Defendant solicitors and the claim was settled for £50,000 thanks to Michelle’s ongoing dedication and legal knowledge.

What is whiplash?

What is the legal procedure for whiplash injuries?

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Our client is awarded £50,000 in compensation having suffered severe whiplash in a RTA
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