Our client who was a passenger in a vehicle in a collision caused by her driver receives ov £11,000 in compensation

road traffic accident on roundaboutOur client was a passenger in the defendant’s vehicle when he drove straight across a junction without stopping causing another vehicle to collide with their vehicle.

As a result of the collision our client suffered personal injury and loss.

Our Client’s injuries

Our client suffered injury to her head, shoulder and eye. In addition she also suffered hair loss, bruising to her shoulder and her left side.

How did Hayward Baker help

We ran the claim on a No Win No Fee basis  and  wrote to the defendant blaming him for the accident because he was negligent in that he:

Drove out across a junction when it was unsafe to do so
Failed to give way to other vehicles approaching the junction
Failed to keep his vehicle under any or any proper control;
Failed to observe or heed the presence of the other vehicles on the highway
Failed to give way;
Failed to drive, steer, brake or control his vehicle in such a way as to prevent the same colliding with other vehicles

As an innocent passenger in the vehicle our client was not held responsible for the accident and liability was admitted by the drivers insurers within weeks of receiving our letter blaming their insured for the accident.

As liability was admitted we then had to prove that our client’s injuries were as a result of the accident and we achieved this by arranging a medical appointment for our client with a General practitioner who having examined our client formulated a report upon her injuries. It was the medical experts report that we used to prove her injuries were as a result of the materiel accident and to help us value her claim for compensation.


We negotiated a settlement figure with the defendant insurers of £11,000 to include travel expenses to and from medical appointments, physiotherapy and care and assistance around the home for a two week period.


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