Our client receives £15,000.00 in compensation after she was injured in a fall on a package holiday in Turkey

Our client was staying in a hotel on a package holiday in Turkey which she had booked on-line with a large well known travel company.

There had been a storm in the local area and the hotel steps were running with water when our client was returning to the hotel. She managed to climb the steps with no problems and walked across the patio into the hotel entertainment area.

Once our client was inside the hotel however she slipped and fell backwards, causing her to hit her head; the wet marble floor was wet where the water had been walked in by other guests, and there were no warning signs anywhere.

No mats were placed inside the doors to help reduce the amount of water trodden into the building, and as a result of this incident our client suffered from a personal injury.

The Injuries:

A hard hit to the back of the head and a fractured tooth were caused, in addition to tooth, jaw, arm and wrist pain.

How Hayward Baker Helped:

As the holiday our client booked was a Package Holiday including flights and accommodation, the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 applied.

Our claims team wrote to the Defendant and asked them to admit liability for the accident. However, the Defendant insurers acknowledged the claim and, after investigating the matter, wouldn’t accept responsibility.

The team at Hayward Baker then moved on to proving that the Defendant hadn’t been following local safety standards; the floor was indeed dangerous when our client slipped and fell, and no warning signs were visible.

Hayward Baker obtained six witness statements who all confirmed that there was half an inch of water in the area that our client fell, and that no warning signs were displayed until after our client’s accident.

Medical evidence was then received from two medical experts, an Orthopaedic Surgeon and a Dentist, and our client also had an MRI scan.

Once all medical evidence was obtained to prove that the injuries were caused by this incident, the Defendant insurers still refused to admit liability, and the case went to court.

The Judge then decided that the Defendant was liable, and Hayward Baker won the case at Trial.

The Resolution:

Our client ultimately received £15,000 compensation, which included: travel expenses to and from medical appointments, car park charges, painkillers, care and assistance and loss of enjoyment on the holiday.

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Our client receives £15,000.00 in compensation after she was injured in a fall on a package holiday in Turkey
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