Our client, a self-employed cleaner, is awarded over £5,000 compensation after falling down steps at work

dangerous stepsOur self-employed cleaner client was at a dental practice where he worked.

As he was taking out the rubbish from the dental practice to the bin store he slipped and fell. This was due to the faulty steps leading to the bins, and as a result he suffered personal injury.

The Injuries:
Our client twisted his knee and ankle.

How Hayward Baker helped:
One of our Personal Injury Specialists Angela Ansell claimed for this incident through the Low Value Personal Injury Claims online portal.

After this, the defendant’s insurer investigated the claim and let Angela know that liability was admitted on behalf of their insured.

A medical report was then gained from an Orthopaedic Surgeon. This report was required as it proved that our client’s injuries were a direct result of the accident, and it further helped Angela to provide a correct valuation for the necessary compensation.

Our client then attended numerous sessions of physiotherapy, which were arranged by Angela and paid for by the defendant insurers.

The Valuation:
Once all sufficient medical evidence was given and full details of all of our client’s losses due to the accident were provided, Angela then negotiated a settlement.

Angela also claimed for our client’s travel expenses to and from medical appointments and a small amount for postage and phone calls.

The Resolution:
Our client’s claim was finally settled in full for £5,500.

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