Our Contractor client injured at work when a colleague negligently dropped a board onto his head causing him personal injuries

personal injury recoveryHayward Baker’s client was contracted by the defendant to work on a garage conversion.

Whilst undertaking with this work, a colleague dropped a large sterling board onto our client’s head from height. As a result, our client suffered injury, loss and damage.

The Injuries:

Our client suffered a laceration to his head as well as neck and back pain.

How Hayward Baker Helped:

One of our Personal Injury Specialists Gary Lee made the claim through the Low Value Personal Injury Claims Portal. The defendant’s insurer responded after investigating the claim and told Gary that liability was admitted.

Medical evidence was obtained by Gary; he arranged a medical appointment with a General Practitioner who, after examining our client, formulated a report upon his injuries.

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The Valuation:

Gary drafted a schedule of out of pocket expenses for our client to cover travel to and from medical appointments, loss of earnings and a nominal amount for telephone calls and postage.

Once Gary had sufficient medical evidence and full details of all of our client’s losses due to the accident, he started to negotiate a settlement with the defendant Solicitors.

The Resolution:

Our client’s claim was settled in full for £2,062.48.


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