Our cyclist client is injured when falling from his bike and receives £11,00.00 in compensation

cycle accident claimOur client was cycling along a path when he noticed a sign diverting him from the path to some grass due to building works being carried out further along the path.

As soon as our client went on to the grass he suddenly came across a steep and sudden drop, and was unable to stop in time.

As a result, he fell down the bank and onto the path below and suffered from severe injuries.

The Injures: 

A broken clavicle, cracked ribs, and a collapsed lung.

How Hayward Baker helped: 

One of our Personal Injury Specialist Solicitors Susan Burden claimed through the Low Value Accident Insurer’s online portal.

The defendant’s insurer investigating the claim didn’t tell Susan whether they accepted liability or not, and therefore the claim left this portal process.

There were two possible defendants, the owner of the path and the contractor doing the building work, and liability was eventually admitted by the contractors. This meant that, provided that the medical report confirmed our client was injured as a result of the accident, they have agreed to pay the necessary compensation.

The medical report then confirmed that the injuries were caused by the accident.

The Valuation:

Susan included a number of out of pocket expenses in the claim including: travel to and from medical appointments, assistance in the home as our client could not dress or cook for himself, costs for the repair/replacement of damaged items and medical expenses.

Once all sufficient medical evidence was given and full details of all of our client’s losses from the accident were provided, Susan negotiated a fair settlement.

The Resolution:

Our client’s claim was finally settled in full by Hayward Baker for £11,000.

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Our cyclist client is injured when falling from his bike and receives £11,00.00 in compensation
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