Our cyclist client receives £8,700 for their injuries after a car driver opened their door into him

bicycle accidentOur client was cycling along Wimpole Street in London past a row of parked cars. The defendant in one of these cars then opened his door and knocked our client off of his bicycle.

As a result of this, our client suffered many personal injuries.

The Injuries:     

Injuries included bruising, swelling and pain to both knees as well as scratches on his back, lower back pain, right hip pain and further bruising. Our client also received a trapped nerve in his bladder.

How Hayward Baker Helped:

One of our Personal Injury Specialists Ria Tallack made the claim through the Low Value Personal Injury Claims online portal. The defendant’s insurer responded after investigating the claim and admitted liability.

Medical evidence was then gained by Ria through arranging three medical appointments with medical experts: A General Practitioner, a Urologist and an Orthopaedic Consultant.

These experts then wrote reports upon our client’s injuries, and these reports were used to support our client’s claim.

The Valuation:

Ria drafted a schedule of out of pocket expenses, which included travel expenses to and from medical appointments, and medical expenses such as visits to a Chiropractor and Physiotherapist.

A claim was also made for damaged clothing and a nominal amount for telephone calls and postage.

Once Ria had the necessary medical evidence and full details of all of our client’s losses due to the accident, she started to negotiate a fair settlement with the defendant solicitors.

The Resolution:

As a result of Ria’s efforts, our client’s claim was settled in full for £8,700.


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