Cyclist hit by car on roundabout claims compensation through Hayward Baker Solicitors

Our client was cycling around a roundabout in Telford  when the defendant drove his vehicle onto the roundabout and collided with  our client causing him to fall off his bike and suffer injury.

Our Client’s Injuries:

Our client sustained a cut to his face requiring 10 stitches. He now has a scar above his right eyebrow. Bruising to right leg.

What did Hayward Baker do to help?

We took on the claim on a No Win No Fee basis and stated the claim to the defendant insurers via the online low value personal injury insurers portal.

The allegations were as follows:

The Defendant entered the roundabout and failed to observe or heed the presence of the Claimant’s bicycle and failed to give passage to our Claimant’s correctly proceeding bicycle.

All road users have a duty of care to ensure they do not use the road in a manner that presents a reasonably foreseeable risk of causing danger and/or injury to other road users. The Defendant failed to do this and their driving was therefore negligent in law.

We received an acknowledgement followed very shortly by an admission of liability.

We wrote to our client informing him that the Defendant’s insurers have admitted liability for the  accident. This mean’t that provided that a medical report confirms he was  injured as a result of the accident, they have agreed to pay our client compensation.

We then applied for our client’s medical records and on receipt  arranged for our client to be examined by a medical expert. The medical evidence enabled us to demonstrate those injuries that he sustained in the accident and highlighted any other losses such as:

  • Loss of Earnings
  • Damaged jacket
  • Damaged helmet
  • Damaged Glasses
  • Damaged Leggings
  • Travelling Expenses

Hayward Baker valued the claim from the experts medical report and sent a copy of the report along with a draft schedule of our client’s special damages (out of pocket expenses) and a covering letter to our client explaining how the claim was valued and what he would likely get as an award for his injuries and losses.

If our client was happy with the report, schedule and what we have stated as a valuation then should he wish to settle the case now hje was to  sign and return the relevant authorities.

He was happy and so returned the signed documentation and we negotiated settlement with the defendant insurers.


We managed to obtain £3195.69 for our client.

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Suffered an injury in a cycling accident?

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Cyclist hit by car on roundabout claims compensation through Hayward Baker Solicitors
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