Our client receives over £3,000 compensation for injuries received after they were hit by a car when cycling

Cyclist receives over £3,000 compensation for injuries received after being hit by a car

 The Situation:

Hayward Baker’s client was cycling along Holloway Bank Road in West Bromwich.

The defendant, who was positioned in their car on the opposite carriageway to our client, made a right turn and collided with our client which caused a personal injury.

The Injuries:     

Our client received soft tissue damage to his body and fractured ribs.

How Hayward Baker Helped:

One of our Personal Injury Specialists Gary Lee made the claim through the low value road traffic accident insurer’s online portal. The defendant’s insurer responded after studying the claim and told Gary that they required more time to investigate.

Whilst waiting for the defendant, Gary applied for copies of our client’s medical records. These would be required when Gary arranged for our client to be examined by a medical expert.

The defendant’s insurers eventually came back to Gary with a decision after reading the police report. The decision was a 50/50 split blame, meaning that our client was partly responsible for the accident.

This was because the police report stated that our client was riding his bike on the pavement and carrying a shopping bag under his coat at the time of the collision.

The Valuation:

Once Gary had sufficient medical evidence and full details of all of our client’s losses due to the accident, he continued on to negotiate a settlement.

This would include compensation for our client’s injuries and a small amount for out of pocket expenses.

 The Resolution:

Our client’s claim was finally settled in full for £3,750.

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Our client receives over £3,000 compensation for injuries received after they were hit by a car when cycling
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