Cyclist suffers injury when knocked from bicycle by car doing a three point turn

Our client  was riding his bicycle along a road  in Bracknell. The defendant, was driving a Volkswagen Passat in the opposite lane facing the claimant and attempting, it appears, to perform a 3 point turn.  In doing so, she  collided with the Claimant knocking him off of his bicycle.

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As a result of the accident our client suffered personal injury and loss.

How Hayward Baker helped

We ran the claim via the insurers low value claim portal and the defendant insurers admitted liability for the accident shortly after we submitted our client’s claim.

The next step was to arrange a medical examination with a General Practitioner who would examine our client and formulate a report upon his injuries. It would be this report we used to help  prove our client’s injuries were as a result of the accident and aid us in valuing his claim.

The report also supported the following claim for Special Damages:

  • Travel expenses to and from medical appointments
  • damaged items of clothing


We negotiated  settlement for our client in the sum of just over £3,700.00

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