Driver on M62 injured when the vehicle behind collided with the rear of his vehicle

Our client was driving along the M62 when he noticed an incident ahead so slowed down and stopped. The defendant who was behind him was not paying attention the the road and as a result collided with the rear of our client’s vehicle which shunted him into two vehicles in front.

As a result of the road traffic collision our client suffered personal injury.

Our client’s injuries

Our client suffered a soft tissue injury which was whiplash to his back.

How Hayward Baker Helped

We took on this claim on a No Win No fee basis and had no issues with liability so our job was to prove that our client suffered injury as a result of the accident.

We achieved this by getting our client examined¬† by a medical expert after which the expert formulated a report upon our client’s injuries. it was this report that we used to prove our client’s injuries were as a result of the accident.

We also used the report to help value our client’s claim for compensation and out of pocket expenses (special damages).


We obtained £3,750.00 in damages for our client.

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