Driver in Norwich suffers a whiplash injury after a rear end shunt

Our client was travelling along a road in Norwich when the traffic slowed due to a cyclist. As our client was slowing down with the other traffic the Defendant failed to slow down or brake and collided with the rear of our client’s vehicle.

As a result of the accident our client suffered whiplash related injuries.

Our Client’s Injuries:

Whiplash injury to neck and shoulders.

What Hayward Baker did to help?:

Angela Ansell one of our personal injury claims specialists took on the case and stated the claim to the Defendant insurers through the low value personal injury insurers on-line portal.

The insurers responded with a Pre-Med Offer which mean’t that although their investigation was ongoing they had put an offer forward to settle our client’s claim immediately without the need to prove his injuries by obtaining a medical report.

Angela explained to our client that the pre-med offer was made in full and final settlement of his claim. Therefore, if he should accept it, Hayward Baker would not be able to obtain a medical report fully detailing his injuries. Further, our client would not be able to able to return to the insurer at a later date for further compensation.

In addition to the payment for compensation our client was offered private physiotherapy treatment at the insurers costs.

Our client had 21 days to decide whether or not to accept the insurers offer.

Advice to our client regarding the offer:

It was going to be difficult for Angela to advise on whether the offer was reasonable without obtaining a medical report upon our client’s injuries and it may be that the claim could be worth more than the offer put forward by the insurers.

Our client was further advised that should he accept the offer then his case will come to an end.

Should our client reject the offer his case would continue and medical evidence would need to be sought so Angela could advise as to the likely value of the claim.

Our client was told to note that should the matter proceed to Court and the judge awarded less than or equal to the insurers offer or accept a later offer which is also less than or equal too the insurers offer than our client may be ordered to pay some of the Defendant’s costs.

Our client now had a choise to either accept the offer or continue with the case.


Our client accepted the offer and the case settled for £1,750.00

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Driver in Norwich suffers a whiplash injury after a rear end shunt
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