Elderly Gentleman injured as car reversed off a grass verge into him knocking him over

mobility-scooterOur client was walking down a street in Nelson when a Land Rover Discovery reversed from a grass verge knocking him to the ground. The vehicle crushed our client’s ankle so the emergency services were called and he was taken to Blackburn Hospital for treatment.

Our Client’s Injuries:

Fractured ankle and injury to left shoulder.

What did Hayward Baker do to help?

We took on this case on a No Win No Fee basis and stated the claim to the defendant insurers via the online personal injury insurers portal. The defendant insurers acknowledged the claim and shortly after admitted liability on the behalf of their insured.

We wrote to our client regarding the liability decision and explained that this meant that an appointment will be made for him to be  examined by a medical expert who after the examination would formulate a report upon our client’s injuries. This medical evidence enabled us to demonstrate those injuries that he sustained in the accident.

We arranged physiotherapy for our client and he had an operation in his left shoulder.

The medical report was sent to our client along with a draft of his out of pocket expenses schedule which included  the following:

  • Travel expenses to and from medical appointments
  • He required help and assistance with his domestic and personal duties for a period of 8 weeks awhich was charged at £9.24 per hour
  • Vehicle expenses as our client required an automatic mobility vehicle as he could no longer use a manual one and the insurers agreed to pay the difference between the costs of the two models.

Once our client had agreed the medical report and schedule of losses he signed the authority to disclose the same to the defendant insurers and also an authority for Hayward Baker to settle his claim.


We negotiated a settlement figure of £4,847.80 for our client.









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