Elderly gentleman injured whilst travelling on a bus in Northampton claims compensation

bus-1868507_640Our client who was in his 90’s was travelling on a bus in Northampton when the driver suddenly did an emergency stop due to a car cutting in front of the bus.

Our client was thrown forward from his seat, striking the metal hand rail and falling to the floor and as a result suffered injury and was taken by ambulance to hospital.

The car drove away from the scene and was untraceable.

Our Client’s Injuries:

Large laceration to the back of the head and bruising to his  back and arms.

What Hayward Baker did to help:

We took on our client’s case on a No Win No Fee basis and because the defendant vehicle was untraceable we stated the claim to the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) who would investigate the matter and would contact us further once their investigations were completed.

The central fund for MIB claims is set up by the insurance industry to deal with compensation claims  arising from incidents that are the fault of untraced or uninsured third parties. Through their investigation the MIB had concluded that the accident was caused by the untraced vehicle and that liability would be admitted subject to causation which mean’t that as long as a medical report confirms our client was injured as a result of the accident then the MIB will pay our client compensation for his injuries.

A medical appointment was arranged for our client by the MIB and the subsequent report proved that the injuries our client received were due to the accident on the bus.  A copy of the report was attached to a letter from the MIB which also contained an offer to settle the claim for £1,250.00.

We wrote to our client explaining the offer and advised him what the consequences could be of refusing the offer and asked that he contact us as soon as he had made a decision.


Our client accepted the offer from the MIB and the matter came to an end.



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