Elderly lady suffers injury after a fall receives damages

Our client was walking with her family along a public footpath. The pathway had a temporary fence alongside the pathway. As our client turned a corner on the path she tripped and fell over one of the footings for the temporary fence which was protruding across the pathway. Our client fell into the fence and then to the ground. As a result of the accident our client has sustained injury, loss and damage.

Our Client’s Injuries: 

  • Broken left radial
  • Broken left hand and fingers
  • Bruised and grazed left knee
  • Grazed left ankle

How Hayward Baker helped:  We took on this nasty but low value clam on a No Win No Fee basis. As liability was not disputed by the defendant all we had left to do was make sure our client got help to recover from her injuries and as for the claim to be able to p-rove our client’s injuries. We proved the injuries by obtaining a medical report from an orthopaedic Consultant.

Conclusion: We negotiated a settlement figure for our client of £3,000.00


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Elderly lady suffers injury after a fall receives damages
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