Exploding disposable lighter causes personal injury

On the day our client purchased a new disposal lighter he lit a cigarette and placed the lighter onto a table. He then noticed that the lighter still had a flame so immediately picked it back up again only for the lighter to explode in his face. As a result of the explosion our client suffered personal injury and loss.

Our Client’s Injuries:

Burns to head  leaving a scar non right forehead. Soft tissue burn to face. Shocked and upset and felt depressed at times.

What did Hayward Baker do to help?

Alison Spriggs one of our senior claims handlers ran this case via the low value personal injury claims insurers portal.

The defendant insurers put up a fight on liability as the lighter was not manufactured by them and also produced a report on the lighter to see what was wrong with it but could not confirm the cause. They agreed that the incident did happen and would therefore be prepared to meet the client half way and split liability 50/50.

This was agreed so Alison arranged and appointment with an Accident and Emergency Consultant who would examine our client and formulate a report upon his injuries. It would be this report that would prove our client’s injuries and allow Alison to value our client’s claim for compensation.

Once the report was received a copy was sent to our client for approval and once our client was happy they signed the authorisation for us to disclose the same to the defendant insurers along with an offer of £4,000 to settle the claim.

The insurers agreed the amount as long as it was calculated with half going to our client.


Alison obtained  £2000.00 from the insurers in compensation for our client’s injuries and damage  caused by the lighter to his table.

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Exploding disposable lighter causes personal injury
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