Our factory employee client in Hartlepoole suffers burns at his place of work and receives compensation

Factory employee in Hartlepoole suffers burns at his place of work and receives compensation

injury-in-the-workplaceFactory worker suffers burned in an accident at work and is awarded Personal Injury Compensation.

Accident Circumstances: Our client was employed as a factory worker and part of his duties was to clean the large food vessels. While he was undertaking this task he sustained burns to his arm when steam escaped from one of the vessels due to a defect which had previously been reported but no remedial action had been taken.

Our client’s injuries: Burns to left wrist and arm.

What did Hayward Baker Solicitors do to help: One of our personal injury specialists Alison Spriggs who is a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives took on the case on a no-win-no-fee basis and sent a letter of claim to the defendant blaming them for the accident because failed in their  duty to take reasonable care of the safety of our client in the course of their employment.  This includes providing safe plant and a proper system of work.  They did not provide these.  The employers failure to maintain the work equipment  exposed our client to an unnecessary risk of injury and as a result our client has now been injured.

Our client’s employer  admitted  liability for the accident.

A medical appointment was arranged for our client so he could be examined by a medical expert who would formulate a report upon our client’s injuries. It was this report that helped prove our client’s injuries and aid Alison in valuing the compensation claim.

Once the claim was finalised and approved by our client we made an offer to settle to the employers insurers.

After some negotiation by Alison with the insurers a sum was agreed and the case settled.

Resolution: Our client was awarded £1,500.00 in compensation for his injuries.

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