Factory worker suffers injury in an accident at work and is awarded £7000.00 in damages

Our client was operating a Press Brake Machine and was working on some small brackets. The job our client was performing was too small and unsafe for the machine he was using and as a result  our client suffered an accident that could have been avoided if the correct machine was available.  As a result of the accident our client has sustained injury, loss and damage.

Our Client’s Injuries:

Open fracture to right finger on left hand.  Top of finger broken, operation required for a pin to be inserted, finger nail taken off, then stitched back on to protect nail bed.

How Hayward Baker helped:

We took on this claim on a No Win No Fee basis and ran it via the low value on-line insurers claims portal.

Fortunately,  liability for the accident was admitted within days of setting out our case to the defendant insurers and therefore we only had to prove that our client’s injuries were as a result of the accident. We achieved this by arranging a medical appointment for our client with an  Orthopaedic Consultant who confirmed that the injuries suffered by our client were as a result of the accident within his report.

The medical expert highlighted a number of out of pocket expenses our client could claim for and the following items were drafted into our client’s special damages schedule (Out of pocket expenses):

  • Travelling expenses to and from medical appointments
  • Care and assistance in the home
  • Medical expenses to include items such as painkillers, antibiotics and bandages

Once we had a final prognosis of our client’s injuries and our client confirmed he was  happy that we  should try and settle his claim we commenced  negotiations with the defendant insurers.


We negotiated a settlement figure of £7,000.00 in damages for our client to include special damages.


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Factory worker suffers injury in an accident at work and is awarded £7000.00 in damages
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